OrcaFlex Support

The latest release of OrcaFlex is OrcaFlex 9.7d. More information and upgrade patch files for this release of OrcaFlex and older versions can be found by following the links below.

Version        First Release Date        Latest Release
OrcaFlex 9.7 September 2013 9.7d
OrcaFlex 9.6 October 2012 9.6c
OrcaFlex 9.5 October 2011 9.5d
OrcaFlex 9.4 August 2010 9.4g
OrcaFlex 9.3 August 2009 9.3c
OrcaFlex 9.2 August 2008 9.2f
OrcaFlex 9.1 August 2007 9.1e
OrcaFlex 9.0 September 2006 9.0g
OrcaFlex 8.7 November 2005 8.7d
OrcaFlex 8.6 February 2005 8.6d
OrcaFlex 8.5 June 2004 8.5d
OrcaFlex 8.4 December 2003 8.4e
OrcaFlex 8.3 July 2003 8.3d
OrcaFlex 8.2 December 2002 8.2c
OrcaFlex 8.1 September 2002 8.1b
OrcaFlex 8.0 May 2002 8.0e

Future Developments

We are still finalising the the exact content of the next release of OrcaFlex. However, over the next 24 months we aim to include as many of the following features as possible:

  • Pipelay stinger and rollers setup.
  • Line payout, especially for modelling inertia and drag on winches, pipelay etc.
  • Better hydrodynamics near surface & seabed.
  • Line results reporting at nodes in addition to mid-segments.
  • Link to VIVA executables rather than out-of-date VIVA DLL.
  • Parametric study facilities based on Python scripting.
  • Software licensing rather than hardware dongles.
  • Frequency domain analysis.
  • Restarts.

Please note that the above list is not a definite commitment. Some features take longer (or occasionally shorter!) to develop than originally estimated.