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Orcina is one of the world's leading software houses serving the offshore dynamics market. To keep us at the forefront of our business we are staffed by highly qualified mechanical engineers, naval architects, mathematicians and software engineers. Together, we have a wealth of experience in offshore dynamics.

Our focus is on producing well-documented professional software
that is robust, efficient, accurate and productive.

OrcaFlex model of a releasable turret system in shaded view
OrcaFlex shaded view

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    Our flagship product OrcaFlex is the world's leading software package for the design and analysis of a wide range of marine systems, including all types of:
  • Riser systems: SCRs, TTRs, hybrids, flexibles, umbilicals, hoses.
  • Mooring systems: spread, turret, SPM, jetty, etc.
  • Installation planning with capabilities across the full range of scenarios.
  • Towed systems: bundle dynamics, seismic arrays, towed bodies, etc.
  • Defence, marine renewables, seabed stability and many other types of system.

OrcaFlex jacket to semisub model in shaded view     OrcaFlex wire frame view and results output

The GUI, visualisation and automation facilities of OrcaFlex are widely recognised as best-in-class, making OrcaFlex the most productive line dynamics environment to work with. New features are fully integrated with the existing code which means that OrcaFlex remains easy to use and learn despite its enormous breadth of capabilities. Our focus on professional software development is complemented by the most responsive and comprehensive technical support in the industry – our aim is to keep you productive!

All these factors combine to make OrcaFlex the most cost effective line dynamics solution for your business.


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