We publish newsletters to coincide with major releases of OrcaFlex. Previous newsletters can be downloaded in PDF form:

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Our brochure has full information about OrcaFlex, including the technical features. A description of just the technical features is also available.


We publish a number of documents describing the validation of OrcaFlex which can be downloaded from the OrcaFlex Validation page.


The following published papers are available for download in PDF format:

  • The non-linear hysteretic soil model in OrcaFlex is documented in Non-linear Hysteretic Seabed Model for Catenary Pipeline Contact. This is a joint paper by Prof. Mark Randolph (Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems, University of Western Australia), who developed the model, and Peter Quiggin (Orcina), who implemented the model in OrcaFlex. The paper was presented at the OMAE conference in June 2009 and is copyright ASME. As well as giving full details of the model, the paper also gives comparisons of the results of the model against laboratory and full scale measured results, and it also investigates the effect of the seabed model and some of its data on the fatigue life of an example steel catenary riser.
  • The wake interference modelling that is implemented in OrcaFlex is described in Innovative 3-D Implementation of Riser Wake Interference Assessment. This is collaborative work by Mason Wu and Jean-Francois Saint-Marcoux (both Acergy), Robert Blevins (Consultant) and Peter Quiggin (Orcina), and was presented at the ISOPE conference in July 2008.
  • The bending hysteresis modelling facilities in OrcaFlex are documented in Time domain simulation of the 3D bending hysteresis behaviour of an unbonded flexible riser. This is collaborative work by Zhimin Tan, Terry Sheldrake (both Wellstream) and Peter Quiggin (Orcina) that was presented at the OMAE conference in June 2007.

Technical Notes

Demo Software

Demo versions for all of our software packages are available for download. These versions of the software are intended for use whilst evaluating the software. In addition the OrcaFlex demo version can be used as a viewer of existing simulation files. This can be particularly useful if you need to show system replays, results graphs etc. to a client who does not have an OrcaFlex licence.

OrcaFlex Demo
OrcaBend Demo


Full documentation for all of our software packages is available from the following pages:

OrcaFlex Documentation
OrcaBend Documentation