OrcaBend Features

Modelling Elements

  • Facilities for temperature and saturation effects.
  • Materials Library facilities – linear and non-linear materials.
  • Material properties can be changed at any point along the length of the bend stiffener.
  • Fatigue-based design can be handled by attributing different allowable bend radii to each load case.


  • Solves for multiple tension / angle load combinations in a single pass.
  • Automated parametric study on the range of stiffener lengths and stiffnesses.
  • Simple cone, analytic and user defined profiles.
  • Run out to finite wall thickness at the tip.
  • Generates Design Chart from which the optimum length and stiffness can be ascertained.
  • Automatic performance plotting.

Data Input

  • Interactive Graphical User Interface.

Results Output

  • Graphical and spreadsheet format output.
  • Export spreadsheets in Excel format.
  • Graph results of user selected variables for abscissa and ordinate axes.
  • Copy paste in standard Windows manner.

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