OrcaFlex Examples - H Offloading systems

All the examples in the table below can be downloaded as a single zip file: H Offloading systems.zip (53.3 MB)

H01 Chinese lantern.zip (15.5 MB) – Description PDF

Risers descend from the underside of a moored CALM buoy to its base on the seabed in a Chinese Lantern configuration.

H01 Chinese lantern

H02 Jacket to semisub.zip (29.5 MB) – Description PDF

A cable catenary is suspended between a semi-submersible rig and fixed jacket. It is analysed in a random sea.

H02 Jacket to semisub

H03 Floating and stowed lines.zip (8.2 MB) – Description PDF

A floating hose, attached to the stern of an FSU (Floating Storage Unit), is stowed by curling it around and attaching the free end to the vessel side. Interaction with the vessel sides needs to be considered. The hose is released, and during the analysis, the protective chain at the FSU breaks.

H03 Floating and stowed lines

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