OrcaFlex Examples - Z Miscellaneous

All the examples in the table below can be downloaded as a single zip file: Z Miscellaneous.zip (17.2 MB)

Z02 Line on line slide.zipDescription PDF

The line contact and line clashing routines are both used in this fun example to model OrcaDog sliding down a zip wire. Line contact is used to model the block sliding down the wire, while line clashing is used to model a brake line, which prevents OrcaDog from coming to any harm.

Z02 Line on line slide

Z03 Vortex tracking.zip (10.1 MB) – Description PDF

Two lines are placed horizontally, perpendicular to a slab current. The lower line is held fixed at both ends, while the upper line has one end spring mounted and the other fixed. The OrcaFlex Vortex Tracking model is applied to both lines, as a demonstration of how VIV can be assessed in OrcaFlex using this tool.

Z03 Vortex tracking

Z09 Vessel time history.zip (5.1 MB) – Description PDF

A vessel's primary or superimposed motion, or both, can be prescribed in OrcaFlex via time history motion data. This example model contains a shiver of six sharks circling the model's global origin. In addition, the sharks are also oscillating, menacingly, in the pitch degree of freedom.

Z09 Vessel time history

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