Software Licensing


Perpetual licences for all our software can be purchased, with a multi-copy discount structure for multiple copies of the same program. Maintenance, Upgrades and Support (see below) is included in the purchase price for a period of 12 months following purchase.


All our software can be leased, the minimum term is one month; the price for n months is simply n x price for one month. If you lease and then decide to purchase, we will credit a large proportion of the lease charges in the 3 years preceding the quote date towards the purchase price. Note that the purchase price quoted will include standard multi-copy discounts if you have existing purchased copies of that software.

Maintenance, Upgrades and Support (MUS)

For OrcaFlex we offer MUS contracts which cover the following:

  • Maintenance: services to ensure continuing functional access to the software.
  • Upgrades: issues of all upgrades of the software – we aim for two major upgrades per annum.
  • Support: technical and application support by telephone and e-mail. We endeavour to respond to requests for support within 24 hours during the 5 day working week. Support is provided either by one of our experienced consultant engineers or by the software development staff who write the software.

OrcaFlex Modules

There are 2 OrcaFlex modules available:

  • OrcaFlex Statics (including VIV, modal and line clearance analysis)
  • OrcaFlex Dynamics (including VIV, modal, line clearance and fatigue analysis) which is the full dynamic version capable of both static and dynamic analyses.