Software Products

Orcina currently develops and markets the following engineering software:

OrcaFlex Logo    OrcaFlex is the world's leading software package for the design and analysis of offshore marine systems.
OrcaBend Logo OrcaBend is a design tool for efficient optimisation of elastomeric bend stiffeners.
OrcaLay Logo OrcaLay is a program for the planning and optimisation of pipeline and umbilical lay procedures.

The functionality that is now available in OrcaFlex means that OrcaFlex is, in our view, a more capable program than OrcaLay for these applications. Consequently, OrcaLay is no longer developed and we recommend that you consider OrcaFlex in its place.

Orcina software can be licensed either by purchase of perpetual license or by monthly lease.

Our OrcaFlex brochure has information about our OrcaFlex product.