Dongle Support


OrcaDongle is a program that helps you use and configure your Orcina dongle. It can be installed from your Orcina software installation disc. Alternatively you can obtain OrcaDongle by following these steps:

  1. Download and extract all the files to a temporary location.
  2. Run the file OrcaDongle.msi to install OrcaDongle onto your machine. This will create a shortcut to OrcaDongle in your start menu under "Orcina Software".

The OrcaDongle documentation can be viewed online.

Dongle Device Driver

In order for Orcina programs to connect to the dongle a device driver for the dongle needs to be installed. This is done as part of the Orcina software installation and so most users do not need to know anything about this device driver. However, if you are using a version of Windows that was released after your Orcina software then you may need to upgrade this device driver. The latest version of the device driver is available for download here: (15.4 MB) or from the Gemalto (Sentinel) website.

Network dongle support

Full details on setting up a dongle for use over a network are in the Networked Dongles topic of the OrcaDongle documentation. To use a dongle in this way, you will need a licence manager and configuration file.

The licence manager (for a Windows machine) may be installed by extracting and running the file in (15.9 MB). A configuration file template for a TCP/IP network is Nethasp.ini - you will need to modify this to specify the IP address of your dongle server, as described in the OrcaDongle help.

You may also download from here an installer for the Aladdin Monitor -, which will give diagnostic information on Aladdin licence managers and associated dongles on your network and instantaneous details of which machines have claimed which licences.