OrcaFlex User Group

We organise an annual series of OrcaFlex User Group Meetings (UGM) which take place between September and December. All OrcaFlex users are welcome and attendance is free. For more information about these events, please email enquiry@orcina.com.

The dates of the 2019 series of OrcaFlex User Group Meetings so far are as follows:

Location Dates (all 2019) Course fee Venue
Houston, USA 23 September None Wyndham West - Energy Corridor
Houston, USA 24 September None Wyndham West - Energy Corridor
London, UK 27 September None Hilton London Tower Bridge
Aberdeen, UK 30 September None TECA
Oslo, Norway 2 October None Radisson Blu Plaza
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 4 October None Sheraton Amsterdam Airport
Beijing, China 15 October None Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4 November None Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
Jakarta, Indonesia 6 November None Grand Hyatt Jakarta
Singapore 8 November None Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
Perth, Australia 11 November None Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 26 November None Windsor Guanabara Hotel

Presentations from previous events are available for download in the table below.

UGM Presentation downloads, by topic

Topic Details Year
Python Automation More Python automation examples, including Post Calculation Actions. 2018
Python Automation When to use Python and illustrations in Pre-processing, Post-processing and Optimisation. 2013
Python Automation Illustration of how Python can be used for repetitive tasks such as selecting a wave packet containing the maximum expected wave. 2011
YAML Automation Using OrcaFlex Text Data Files for setting large amounts of data in pre-processing. Illustrated with a West Africa Environment. 2011
Advanced Automation Introduction to Python and MATLAB interfaces. 2009
Line Feeding Examples of the line feeding feature in use, including cable lay along a curved path, a J-tube pull in operation and a payload lowering analysis. 2017
Line End Orientation Hints and Tips: How to set complex end orientations in a framework structure. 2017
Line Setup Wizard and End Orientations Worked Examples: Explains No Target and how OrcaFlex can help sort out the end orientations. 2013
Introduction to Line Contact Introduction to the Line Contact facility and guidance on its use. 2012
Line Contact Applications A range of applications for the Line Contact facility. 2012
Profiled Hose Worked Examples: Some modelling options for a profiled composite hose structure. 2010
Response to Slugs Worked Examples: Illustrating the slug facility and system response by modelling a gas bubble shooting along a jumper hose. 2010
Drilling Riser Flexjoint Worked Examples: Two methods of modelling the joint. 2009
Damping: Hysteretic Bend Stiffness See the paper "Time domain simulation of the 3D bending hysteresis behaviour of an unbonded flexible riser" on the Resources page. 2007
Damping: Rayleigh Correct application of frequency varying damping due to the line material. 2007
Complex Clashing Review and illustrations for Line Clashing. 2005
Robust Runs
Line Contact Convergence Common issues found in models that use line contact, and how to resolve them. 2018
Temporary Supports Hints and Tips: How to use supports to assist in getting the desired static solution. 2017
Static Convergence Hints and Tips: Sparse matrix, lay azimuth and Euler warnings. 2017
Convergence Hints and Tips Examples of issues that can cause convergence problems in statics or dynamics, and tips on how to avoid them! 2014
Field Coordinates Worked Examples: How they affect run stability and accuracy. 2008
Statics See the technical note "Static Convergence Guide" on the Resources page. 2008
Time Integration Schemes: Implicit Update on Implicit timestep algorithms and guidance. 2007
Time Integration Schemes Introduction and guidance on timestep algorithms. Compares Explicit and Implicit (variable). Note runtimes superseded and Implicit (fixed) now default. 2006
Discretisation and Convergence See the technical note "Static Convergence Guide" on the Resources page. 2005
Frequency Domain Analysis in the frequency domain using an example of an SCR system. Comparison with time domain and guidance on when it is appropriate to use frequency domain. 2015
Spanning Worked Examples: Advice on modelling structures that span profiled or 3D seabeds. Includes friction and multiple solutions. 2011
Seabed Stability On-bottom stability overview and how to apply seabed clearance by varying drag and lift. 2006
Heave-Roll Coupling Worked Examples: Explains why translations, such as heave, can change amplitude when wave direction is reverses. 2013
Load RAOs in Regular Waves Worked Examples: Explains how to get a settled response. 2013
RAO Conventions and Units Worked Examples: Diffraction file import checklist. 2013
Vessels: Handling Data Review of functions and showing data import. 2010
Rotating Turret Worked Examples: Illustration of constructing a turret that rotates freely, has energy take-off or limited spin. 2009
Vessel Motions Importing and checking vessel data. 2006
Stress and Fatigue
Fatigue Analysis Methods, load case selection, setting fatigue data. 2016
Stress Calculations How to get stress results for homogenous and composite structures. Explanation of linear and non-linear facilities. 2010
Fatigue Case Studies How Non-linear Soils and Hysteretic Bending affect fatigue damage. 2009
Fatigue Regular vs Irregular Waves and statistical methods. 2008
Spinning Buoy Hints and Tips: How to stop a 6DofF Buoy spinning. 2017
Hydrodynamics Guidance on setting parameters. 2009
Spar OD vs Wavelength See the technical note "Spar Buoys Short Wave Issue" on the Resources page. 2008
Wings Overview of Buoy Wings and how to apply them correctly. 2010
Pipelay Modelling with Supports Simple pipelay examples, using the 'supports' feature to model the stinger. See also Example Set E: Pipelay and Recovery 2014
Lowering Including trapped water, slamming, operations in vessel lee. See also Example F01 Lowering Hydrodynamics. 2013
Jacket Launch Worked Examples: Modelling of a flexible Jacket structure and sliding off the stern of a vessel. 2009
Seafastening and Crane Motion Worked Examples: Transferring a payload between vessels using a swivelling crane. 2009
Pipelay See Example Set E: Pipelay and Recovery 2008
Spoolpiece Manoeuvring Worked Examples: Illustration of prebend and lowering. 2008
Fenders See Example C09 Fenders. 2011
Midwater Arches Review of Midwater Arch modelling with guidance for robust and accurate runs. 2011
Compressible Buoyancy Bags Worked Examples: How to model compressible buoyancy bags with a non-linear bulk modulus. 2010
J-tube Modelling See Example D04 2010
Modelling Chutes Worked Examples: Advice on using curved plates to model chute structures. What to watch out for. 2010
Speed Limited Tensioner Worked Examples: How to set one up. 2009
Active Heave Compensation See Example F03 2008
Passive Heave Compensation See Example F02 2008
Data Input Productivity Hints and Tips: OrcaFlex tools to help with efficient data input. 2017
Constraints Using the Constraint object in a variety of applications to limit or control individual degrees of freedom. Examples include a jacket launch, stinger roller boxes and a crane operation. 2016
Supports: Alternative Applications Using the pipelay 'supports' feature for applications other than pipelay. 2014
BSR Design Worked Examples: Generating BSR Design Loads. 2011
Extreme Value Statistics Overview of the results, guidance on use and illustrated with a typical analysis. 2010
Memory Joggers Worked Examples: Getting spectral density plots, Rainflow Half Cycles and stress ranges. Setting up lines, and showing the view you want. 2008
VIV Tools Overview of Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV), OrcaFlex tools and interfaces to VIVA and Shear7. Note Shear7 interface now updated. 2005
Modelling Contact Overview of the different contact models available in OrcaFlex, and guidance on how to use the correct one for your application. 2015